An Excerpt

A Little Band of Red

    After a quick shower in the other bathroom Luke headed back upstairs. PJ hadn’t asked where he intended to sleep, so he hadn’t told her. She was however, in his bed.
    With the soft glow of the streetlights filtering in between the curtains he could see her clearly, all twisted up in the sheets and his shirt. Her stomach was bare; the fabric parted and hauled up around her breasts like she’d been in a fight and lost.
    Tentatively Luke slipped between the sheets, then as gently as he could, he attempted to untangle her, taking first one small hand and then the other, raising them above her head. She was so fucking gorgeous, so defenceless in her sleep. He desperately wanted to take her in his arms and hold her forever.
    Mumbled sleepy words broke into his little fantasy. She was fidgeting again, twisting where the shirt continued to pull against her breasts. Maybe she slept naked? He certainly did and would have if he wasn’t so worried about scaring her away. Regardless of that, she needed to sleep and the shirt was clearly bothering her. Very gently he blew across her cheek.
    “Baby, wake up.”
    She didn’t, not even close, but she did mumble something else. Catching a rebellious strand of hair, he tickled her chin. “You’re all tied in knots. Do you want me to help you?”
    “Ha … wanna … ake … his—off.”
    Swallowing back his laugh Luke sat up, leaning over her. “You wanna take it off?”
    “Hmmm … off.”
    She still wasn’t awake, not really, but one of her hands moved, finding the pocket and fumbling with it. Luke was tempted to just watch. At least then she couldn’t blame him in the morning when she woke up naked. His intentions were pure though and while he would give his right hand to fuck her now, he’d far rather do it when she was awake and willing.
    “Shh. You want some help?”
    “Yeah … elp.”
    Again he caught her wrist, raising it back above her head before he started with the buttons. Each one was a gift, revealing her breasts, her collarbones, her throat. Her pale skin shimmered in the light and under his finger as he drew a line slowly down her cheek and along her jaw. She turned to him, seeking more, just like she’d done at the club. Christ, he wished he could make her understand how perfect they were together. She was everything he wasn’t and he was everything she never knew she needed. He had to make her see, just had to.
    Lying down beside her he stretched out on his side. With one hand he held hers, not tight, just enough so she’d know who was in control. They were tiny kisses, the ones he brushed along her lips, gentle and teasing, but after the first few, she sighed and then to his absolute delight she reached for him.
    “PJ, do you want me to kiss you?”
    “Kiss, hmmm.”
    Was hmmm a yes? Luke thought so as he slowly lowered his mouth over hers. The overwhelming sense of rightness that filled him was instant, from having her naked in his arms and in his bed to kissing her like a lover would. There was no pain or tears, no trembling body flooded with endorphins, just a pure, simple joy. But even as he acknowledged that little gem of wisdom, Gabriel’s warning came back to him. Was he deluding himself? Trying to deny the sadistic needs that ran so strongly through his body and his life? Luke honestly didn’t know, but being with her, like this, he didn’t feel the need to examine his reasonings, all he felt was them.
    Gently with a sweep of his tongue he coaxed her lips apart, dipping between them in search of her taste. She was like heaven, sweet and warm, and he needed more so he did it again and again … and again.


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