Chapter 3



     Lying in bed on Sunday morning after a truly depressing Saturday night, PJ felt calm, surprisingly so considering the state she’d been in after Derrick’s message. But even now as the details started to play back through her head, the ramifications of each one causing her heart to beat a little faster and her head to hurt as the pressure once again built, she tried to push her concerns aside. No good was going to come from working herself into a state. She was a level headed, competent woman for God’s sake, she could do this! 

When it couldn’t be avoided any longer, PJ climbed out of bed. The washing basket was full and the floor needed vacuumed. After a piece of toast and a coffee, she attacked both tasks. It was a welcome distraction, working her way around the house, tidying things up and pulling back curtains.

Within an hour she had the whole thing done, her lounge pristine and bathed in sunlight.

Stacked high in front of a large window facing the rear of her property was a huge pile of cushions that had always been her favorite spot to stretch out naked with Sam and—“Fuck.”

A crippling wave of misery appeared out of nowhere, slamming into PJ. He was everywhere in her home, his clothes still in the dryer, his toothbrush still in the bathroom. Those things she could remove, and would along with the rubbish before she left for China, but the memories were another thing, much more intrusive and she didn’t want them here anymore.

Without questioning why, PJ headed for the bedroom, collecting several items including the half eaten bar of chocolate she’d consoled herself with last night. Returning to the cushions, she dropped down onto them. The vibrant orange silk was blissfully warm as she stretched out with her new book balanced on her knees. She’d planned on saving it for her flight, so rather than spoil all the fun she skipped the intro and went straight for chapter one.

The photo was glossy; charcoal walls softly accented by a massive chandelier. And there were other things too, chains hanging from the ceiling, and handcuffs, thick silver ones. Her hands were shaking, just a little, when she rubbed them down her thighs, the denim all of a sudden feeling abrasive and in the way. More than anything, she just wanted to forget about the pain and heartache, the utter sense of betrayal Sam had caused her. She wanted to feel normal again and right now, normal was insisting she strip off her jeans, grab her new toy and find a happy place, one that didn’t revolve around her ex-fucking-fiancé.

Sliding the book from her knees, PJ flicked open the fly of her jeans, easing first one leg out and then the other. The heat of the sun was quickly matched by the slow simmer of anticipation, arousal, and months of unsated lust. Her T-shirt followed her jeans, her bra too, both carelessly flung on the floor before her thighs fell apart, her eyelids fluttered shut. With a gentle touch, she ran a fingertip across her bottom lip, coating it in moisture then moving lower, one hand gliding down over her breast while the other delved between flesh already slick.

Toying with her nipple, she spread the wetness, which cooled instantly as her fingers danced, her skin drawing taut a second before she pinched. PJ groaned, low and husky as a sharp burst of pain fired straight from her breast down to where her fingers slid easily in, out, in again, a little harder, a little faster. It felt absolutely divine, but she needed more.

Grabbing one of her vibrators, she peeked down to see which one, her new eight inches of bright pink rapture. Dropping it beside her, she reached for her other one. Not quite as thick or as long, it was probably the sensible starting point. PJ clicked it on.

Slowly, because teasing felt so good, she trailed the tip over her nipple, circling several times and pressing hard, then she moved lower, over her tummy and along the curve of her hip, down to her clit.


As her back arched, her heals dug into the floor, thighs falling even further apart. Her mind wandered to big hands, dark eyes and a fantasy that up until this point she’d always denied herself, but not today. If her reality could become a nightmare then her dreams could become true. All she had to do was lie back and let them.


Cool satin brushed PJ’s knees as she was pushed forward, a hand on her neck before fingers twisted roughly in her hair. Beneath her, the man reared up, capturing her lips. She gasped as his tongue thrust deep, his taste filling her mouth: whiskey, chocolate, midnight and spice. She wanted more, needed it.

Behind her, coarse hands smoothed down the inside of her legs, nudging her knees further apart before she felt the heavy weight of large masculine thighs pressing up hard between hers. Despite the grip on her hair, she turned, desperate to see the face of at least one of the men who had her trapped.

Darkness softened the details, but she could still make out his short black hair, cropped but not shaved, and his stubble, a dense line shadowed along his jaw. Above that, his lips curled into a smile that was all kinds of wicked.

“Hmmm, well aren’t you just a pretty sight?”


Those words, in that voice, had PJ gently rocking against the vibrator. She’d heard them a thousand times before. This was the fantasy that played through her mind in those precious few seconds before her climax stole her away. There’d been others over the years, fleeting fascinations that she’d had, unfulfilled desire, but none of them had claimed her like this one did.

Easing the toy out of her pussy, PJ pressed it hard against her clit, grinding back and forth while she reached for her other vibrator. A second gentle hum filled the room, getting louder as she turned up the dial, her hips rocking, thighs widening even further. They were waiting for her in the darkness, behind her closed eyes as she worked the thick pink vibrator inside, pressing down for a second over the little spot that always drove her wild, and it did, but not as much as—



The hand that slapped her ass took her breath away; it was so sharp and unexpected. Just as she was about to protest, her hair was caught, her head tugged down. Intense, sensual brown eyes stared into hers a second before she was kissed with such devastating skill that she gave up, gave in, just let the man she straddled take over. With a lazy caress he lapped at her then nipped when she attempted to kiss him back.

“Uh uh. You don’t get to do anything unless we tell you to. Understood?”

Oh yes, she understood perfectly. She was just to overwhelmed to respond.

“Answer me.”

The deep gravelly voice of her fantasy lover teased her lips, the rough edges of his comment beautifully smoothed out as he chuckled.

“Yes, I understand.”


Crack—Another slap struck her backside, same place, just harder.

“This gorgeous ass is gonna burn by the time I bury my cock in it.”

“Ohhh, God.” Just the thought had PJ moaning around the tongue thrusting into her mouth, her legs trembling as a surge of arousal swept through her. Hands gripped her hips, steadying her before she was dragged back against a rock-hard male groin. He felt massive, hot and heavy, his erection like steel as it eased between her ass cheeks.


In her bed of cushions PJ panted softly, her hips undulating back and forth, working the vibrator deeper. For a moment there was pain, a sharp blast that burned through her in waves, but it was gone before she knew it, completely overridden by an unholy surge of lust.




“Are you wet, Baby, at the thought of two men fucking you?”

Warm breath tickled her neck, his stubble scraping over her shoulder and down, only to pull away.

Crack—The other cheek this time, fire converged somewhere in the middle.

“Oh, God, yes.”

The hot, heavy thighs rubbing against her backside moved away, a finger taking their place. Starting at the small of her back he stroked his way down her ass, probing and pressing then slowly sliding lower till he found what he was searching for.

“Fuck you are, aren’t you?”

Grunting, he plunged his finger inside her pussy, quickly adding a second with a vigorous twist. The hand gripping her hair eased off, allowing her to finally lean back enough to take a good look at the man below her. He was beautiful, his scruffy brown hair tipped lighter on the ends where it curled against his neck and his big brown eyes were exquisite, captivating as he stared up at her. Long, thick lashes lay against olive skin, his broad high cheekbones cutting a savage line across his incredibly handsome face, and that was before he smiled as he reached for her breasts, lifting them up to his mouth. She just stared, her own eyes wide, her body poised, waiting for the moment when he touched her.


Wet heat surrounded her nipple, his tongue flicking roughly before he sucked her deep.

“Yes, yes, God, yes.”

Crack—Another stinging blow hit her ass hard enough to jolt her forward.

“Did I say you could speak?”

“I’m sorry.”

“You will be.”

Crack, crack, crack.

For an agonizingly long moment, slaps rained down, landing on first one cheek and then the other, all the while his fingers still pumped in, out, in—deeper. When he stopped, gentling his touch to a caress, PJ tried to calm down, but his finger was moving again, trailing a path along her center to settle right over the one place that had her heart pounding with fear. No one had ever touched her there. She waited, her fingers clenching the sheets and her back rigid until an unexpected blast of pain shot through her breasts. Sharp teeth clamped down over her nipple before his tongue swept lower, lashing the underside. Stubble chased the same course, his chuckle rumbling, hot breath over wet flesh.

She quivered, desperately trying to claw back some control, but they’d hijacked her body. Her hips undulated, working her breasts over one man while she rocked shamelessly back against the other. Mesmerized, she watched her nipple being captured, dimples flashing a second before his teeth bit again.

“Ah Jesus, please.”

The fingers at her backside vanished for a second, a cold wetness taking its place.

“You’re tight, Baby. You might want to relax or else this is gonna hurt.”

Relax, she could barely think. The unnerving pressure against her ass was back and she couldn’t help but fight, her muscles locking tight, her back arching. In the end he still won though, his finger pressed inside her, twisting, retreating, pressing in again. The feeling of fullness was so overwhelming, her breathing deteriorated into a series of short, sharp pants.

“You like that, don’t you? I can feel you trembling.”

Did she like it? She honestly didn’t know. Her nipples were being tormented, licked and bitten, sucked and tugged and the fingers pumping inside her pussy were relentless, rubbing over places that had her coiled so fucking tight, she was about to fall apart. As glorious as all that was, none of it over took the other sensation, the one that was so deep, it staked a claim all over her.

Crack, crack.

“Answer me. Do you like that?”

Inside her, fingers dragged past each other, knuckles grinding, barely separated by the finest layer of flesh. PJ shivered, her legs weak, her head falling forward.

“Yes, oh, God, yes.”

Hands cupped her face, turning her back for a kiss. Her beautiful dark haired lover speared roughly into her mouth with a fierceness that matched his partner. They were everywhere, pinching her breasts, fingering her ass, filling her pussy. The sensations left her spinning, lost in a kaleidoscope of arousal that was so vivid and intense, it eclipsed everything.

Between her thighs a calloused finger stroked over her clit in tight little circles, not enough but too much all at the same time. Desperately she twisted her hips, searching for more, needing it but instead he stopped.

“No.” It was a whimper this time, hidden inside a kiss.

Behind her the bed dipped, the solid weight moving away only to come straight back, closer, his knees nudging hers further apart, his hands pushing her down.

The long, hard length of an erection pressed against her stomach and the fingers were back, two, maybe three pushing inside her ass, thrusting gently. Somewhere in the last few minutes the feeling of fullness had changed from vastly uncomfortable to strangely stimulating.

“Ohhh, more.”

Both men laughed, then she was shifted, her ass raised slightly, her shoulders pulled down, wider still with the knees until she felt his cock easing between her folds. Hands gripped her hips, one from above, pinning her steady and two from below, locking her in place. All three of them stilled, suspended in some kind of exquisite anticipation, then she was pushed down, hard.

“Oh fuck!”

Her cry was piercing, shrill to the ears, yet there was a depth to it, so much more than pain and surprise. There was longing in the noise just like there was in her body, if only she could grab it and hold on tight.

A hand cupped her face, forcing her to gaze down into those beautiful, brown eyes.

“Do you feel that lover? You’re mine and I’m going to fuck you till I’ve had enough.” So dark and so sensual, his voice rolled through her before he pulled out only to drive straight back in, and she felt every inch sliding into her, the heat of him, the size; all of it was perfect.

“Answer me.”

“Yes, I feel … ahhh—you.”


Twisting in her pillows, PJ moaned—loud, too far gone to care what the neighbours might think. Her body was on fire with a delicious kind of heat that roared up and down her leg, over her tummy. Even her breasts, which she’d long ago abandoned were still throbbing, but they wouldn’t be for long.


Crack— “And me, Baby, when I work my way into that tight ass of yours, how do you think that will feel?”

His voice whispered over her shoulder, his breath tickling her hair, but it was the promise in his comment; the threat had her trembling with an urgent need.

Crack— “Tell me.”

His hands glided around to her stomach, encircling her waist, his torso pressing hard against her back then he lifted her, shunting her forward. The fingers in her ass slid free and she instantly registered the loss until her lover below, thrust upwards.

“Ahh, Christ.”

With a long, deep stroke he arched his hips off the bed, burying himself inside her. Suspended above him, PJ was helpless as he drove into her hard and fast, again and again, while she fought against the agonizing pleasure.

“Oh God, oh God.” She panted and thrashed. “I can’t take … ohhh, you’re … too … big.” Dropping her head, she got a glimpse of rippling abs, flexing under smooth golden skin, before her head was sharply yanked back up. A hand fisted in her hair, forcing her to focus on dark mesmerizing eyes.

Shhh, just let it happen. We’ll take care of you.”

Rocking gently, oh so gently, but with such wicked intent, she felt the man behind her, the slow slide of his cock sending shivers racing up her spine and down her thighs. She knew it was going to happen, she just couldn’t hold onto her fear long enough to care.

Flesh slapped flesh as the pressure inside her continued to mount, higher, higher, pleasure collided with pain, pain collided with pleasure, the two merging perfectly to create a beautiful kind of chaos. Short, intense blasts of desire fired through her body, exploding in her core as she got fucked. She wanted to bear down, meet his thrusts, but the arm around her waist was crushing, holding her completely still, forcing her to take everything he gave her and she did.

“Oh God, oh I’m gonna—”

He pumped into her harder, faster, deeper.

“Not yet, Baby, don’t you dare come. The funs just getting started.”

All movement stopped, her lover easing out. He was gorgeous when he smiled, even more so when he stroked her cheek, catching a damp strand of hair, and tucking it behind her ear. She couldn’t resist sweeping a finger across his face, loving the curve of his lips as he grinned.

“That’s my girl.”

The chuckle behind them broke their moment, not that she’d forgotten what was waiting for her, or who.

“Oh, I think she’s about to become my girl, don’t you?”

Hands locked tight, two below gripping her hips, two above spreading her cheeks, then the burning sensation hit as he pressed forward, slow and steady, unrelenting.

“Oh, God.”

Crack—The slap had her jerking up, turning around to find dark eyes, narrowed with intent. The strain on his face was obvious, but it was nothing compared to the strain on her body, which was easing as he pulled back. Another dribble of cold lubricant slid down her backside then it all started again, gently in, slowly out, in, out.

“Relax, Baby, it’ll only hurt for a minute then you’re gonna feel so fucking good.”

But as he pressed in again, deeper this time and holding for longer, the burn turned into a searing pain as both of them nudged forward, the man below just to distract her, the man behind to claim her, and he did, working till he was buried to the hilt. Moaning in ecstasy/agony, she didn’t know anymore, couldn’t tell, yet the feelings running riot through her body were exquisite. Her thighs clenched, her arms trembled; both men groaned then one of them spanked her hard.


“You like to tease, Baby? Well so do I.”

With a gentle touch, his fingers grazed along her folds, gathering wetness then moving higher, rubbing softly over her clit, round and round, a little pinch, round and round, the friction building. Her resolve shifted from something tenacious to a complete and utter surrender.

“Ahhh fuck.”

One of them laughed, deep and husky, “Hmm, I think we will.”

It started slowly, one in, one out—in again.


Slumping forward, PJ found firm, moist lips parted and waiting, his sweet, rich taste filling her mouth as his tongue curled, drawing her deeper. And she went willingly; desperate for an anchor to stop her falling into everything she’d ever dreamed of.

Between one breath and the next, her kiss ended before gentle turned rough. Lips brushed her face, her back, kissing, licking, and she wanted to kiss back, to feel the tenderness, but their rhythm was fierce, relentless and demanding.

“Ahh, Jesus.”


No slap followed that cry because PJ had said it out loud, in the lounge just as she’d thrust the vibrator inside. The dial was all the way up now and the result was intense, more so when she rolled the two toys together, one ravaging the outside while the other wreaked havoc of the most delicious kind on the inside.


The feeling of possession was sublime, the sound of hard flesh hitting wet flesh, even more so.

“Ah—fuck, so good, you feel so fucking good.”



Fingers gripped her hips, dragging PJ back as he slammed into her ass so hard; she felt it resonating right through her body. Sweat ran over her breasts, and her hair was everywhere, clinging to her neck and her face as she was jolted back and forth.

The lazy drag of a tongue swept over her throat then along her jaw. PJ turned, kissing him just as he thrust deep, and she fell apart.

All of them groaned, high and low, hungry and desperate while she convulsed, everything inside her clamping down like a vice. Sensuous primal patterns dissolved into desperate thrusts with no finesse or no rhythm, just a slamming of bodies as she came in an exquisite explosion of pleasure.

From head to toe PJ trembled and still they fucked her, hard and fast, relentless in their need for release. Their groans surrounded her, so masculine and raw, one thrusting in, one pulling out, then both of them slammed in together and held, grunting and jerking, coming in a hot rush. Her hair was caught in a loose grip, her head tugged down for a kiss that was slow and lazy, while other lips slid along her neck, teeth nipping playfully, capturing her earlobe.

“Beautiful, Baby, you were so fucking beautiful.”


Sometime later, much, much later, PJ woke. Feeling blissfully relaxed she finished the housework, made some lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon searching job sites. If the last few days had taught her anything, it was that change was eminent. Things couldn’t continue in her life the way they were. She’d fallen into a rut without even realising it, accepting Sam’s half-heart attempt at a relationship as the best she was going to get, and Derrick’s daily harassment as the norm, some sort of fucked up barometer to judge her worthiness. None of it was healthy and now she could see that, it was time to put a stop to it, starting tomorrow.




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