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When I started writing ‘A Little Band of Red’ back in 2013, I always knew it was the beginning of a much larger series, which would follow the lives of a group of friends brought together by fate, destiny—life in general. So it was vital when I came to plotting out the story arc that I knew my characters well, very well.
Each one has an incredibly detailed profile covering everything from events in their childhood right through to their religious beliefs, health issues, pet hates, and even favourite foods.
While I won’t be releasing all those details, because a lot you’ll discover on your own, some you won’t. Here are a few that might interest you. I’ll add to them as the books are released, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’ll no doubt have an answer.





  • Name—Polly Jayne Lester.
  • Birthday—June 3rd
  • Age—27
  • Born—Glasgow, Scotland. Although it is never mentioned in the novel, PJ’s parents emigrated with her grandparents from Scotland when she was two.
  • Star sign—Gemini.
  • Siblings—None.
  • Height—5 feet 2
  • Eye colour—Light brown with golden flecks.
  • PJ was extremely close to her grandmother growing up, more so than her mother.
  • She loves astronomy, or anything to do with the stars.
  • PJ has low blood pressure, which causes her to pass out. She also has an extremely low tolerance for seeing people in pain.
  • She’s right handed.
  • Given the choice, she would wear dresses all the time, and sexy lingerie.
  • PJ’s favourite perfume is Alien by Thierry Mugler. It’s one of the few that doesn’t give her migraines.

God, where to start? PJ’s fantasies were like a pack of cards thrown in the air, anything could land face up, but there was one she always returned to when she was in bed, alone.
“I’ve got a lot of fantasies actually, sometimes I’m in control, sometimes I’m not, but the one I love, the one that makes me crazy is a threesome, two men and me, both dominant, both in control, but no pain, I hate pain. Whips, floggers, all that stuff give me the creeps.”

Indy pouted. “That’s not fair. I’m living vicariously through you right now. I feel like you’re sabotaging my experience.”
“You want to know or not?”
Her pout turned into a frown, but it was cute, PJ would give her that.
“Fine, but you’re a bad friend.”
“I’m the bad friend? You practically set me up with the devil and then smiled when he dragged me away.”
“Yeah, okay. You’re not so bad. So what did he do?”


  • Name—Luke Duncan Monroe.
  • Birthday—December 10th
  • Age—37
  • Born—Leeds, England.
  • Star sign—Sagittarius.
  • Siblings—Nicole, 34.       Juliette, 32.
  • Height—6 feet 3.
  • Eye colour—Blue.
  • After Luke finished his law degree at Cambridge University, he travelled for several years through Europe, interning before he settled in Amsterdam.
  • He is an employment lawyer.
  • Luke loves to cook and has a wide knowledge of foreign cuisine and wine.
  • He is financially stable, but money has never been the driving force behind his success.
  • Luke has no religious beliefs even though he was raised Anglican.
  • Nobody knows and it’s never mentioned, but Luke took dance lessons for years.

“You’ve got nothing to be scared of, I promise. Just come to me and bend over.”

“What if all I want is a new start, a complete change from everything I’ve ever known and done? I’m so God damn tired of it all. I just want someone who’s mine, someone I can get to know like normal people do without the negotiations and the games. Someone like you. I want to know what makes you smile,” he brushed a finger across her cheek, “and how to stop your tears. I want to know you.”


  • Name—Elliot Danya Savchenko.
  • Birthday—October 29th
  • Age—33
  • Born—Luhansk, Ukraine.
  • Star sign—Scorpio.
  • Siblings—None
  • Height—6 feet 7.
  • Eye colour—Grey.
  • Elliot has a Masters degree in Economics. He is naturally gifted with numbers, particularly finding patterns within them.
  • He speaks fluent English, Ukrainian, Russian and has a good understanding of Italian, especially Italian slang thanks to Mika.
  • Elliot watches Jeremy Kyle, but only on the days that Mika is at work.
  • He played football when he was at university, even being offered a scholarship, which he turned down because he met Mika.
  • His favourite team is Queen’s Park Rangers and he’s a very vocal supporter.

“Are you sure she didn’t seem, I don’t know—oh, she’s moving.” Elliot pressed his forehead hard against the glass, he could just see her crouching between the wall and the rubbish skip. “Mental, did she seem mental? What the fuck is she doing?”

“You’re not, now stop fighting me and do the sensible thing.”
Keeping one arm securely wrapped around her waist, he grabbed her bag, slammed the door and then escorted her out of the garage. There was no conversation as he walked her back to the pub and no conversation as he led her up the stairs to her room.


  • Name—Mika Giovanni de la Croze.
  • Birthday—June 4th
  • Age—33
  • Born—Dolceacqua, Italy
  • Star sign—Gemini.
  • Siblings—Isabella, Carlo, Sienna
  • Height—6 feet 4.
  • Eye colour—Topaz brown.
  • Mika was raised in a traditional Italian family. He adores his grandmother who taught him to cook and bake, which he still does a lot.
  • He has a mild fear of small, dark spaces after being locked in a shed (accidentally) when he was a child.
  • He loves Star Wars.
  • He hates watching football with Elliot because he yells at the T.V.

When she grinned he nudged her, poking his fingers into her ribs until she giggled.
“I’m Italian, charm is what we do.”

Pressing a kiss against Elliot’s neck, Mika nuzzled him, stubble scraping back and forth. “You smell like summer, Dolcezza, I should take you home more often.”


  • Name—India Peyton Ross.
  • Birthday—January 27th. 
  • Age—28.
  • Born—London, England.
  • Star sign—Aquarius.
  • Siblings—Caleb, aged 24.
  • Height—5 feet 9.
  • Eye colour—Blue.
  • Indy’s favourite genre of books is dark erotica, sometimes paranormal.
  • She is a comfort eater, chocolate when she is emotional, chips when she’s stressed.
  • Indy got suspended at school for fighting. She is fiercely protective of her brother whom she was defending.

“My ultimate fantasy,” India slowly licked her lips again, leaving a shimmer of moisture behind, “would be total submission to someone I knew without a doubt was dominant, like really dominant. I want to be completely taken over by someone else’s will.”

“Oh, no you don’t. I certainly didn’t get what you got, not even close. Do I need to remind you that you were on the floor, between a large man’s thighs with his tongue down your throat and his hand up your skirt? I so didn’t get that and neither did anyone else.” Indy pouted.

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